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Welcome to InTech

Welcome to InTech

InTech Institute of Technology has provided international training for the past 24 years. Our company uses the best mix of current learning and training methods to give you the best possible success.

Training Facilities

Training Facilities
InTech has purpose built training facilities for the provision of training to students: Computer labs, Wireless Internet Classrooms, Lecture Rooms and Practical Labs.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services
Student Support Services helps to resolve problems that may impede the successful completion of student's study programs.

About InTech – Institute of Technology

InTech is one of Australia - Queensland's leading providers of vocational education and training.
Established in 1999, InTech provides real "hands-on" trade as well as other vocational courses. InTech offers a range of flexible study options for students.
Should you require further help please do not hesitate to contact InTech.

Term Dates

14 April 2015
07 July 2015
29 September, 2015
Intake for 2016 coming soon

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