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About InTech

InTech is a tertiary college providing technical training and vocational education in Brisbane, Queensland.

With 30 years of experience and over 15 000 students from all over the world, InTech first made its debut in South Africa before exporting its expertise in Australia. Two times finalist for the Australia Ethic Business Awards, the college has proven its ability to drive its mission with honesty and integrity.

The renown of the Australian education attracts more international students every year. With Brisbane hosting 70% of Queensland universities, InTech proud itself for its close relationships it had built with the South Queensland universities. Many students targeting a Bachelor or Master degree come through InTech with many different motivations. InTech supports students’ transition to university pathway, or to direct employment.

The college is proudly family owned and operated, and as such, students evolve in a family-like environment. The small size of the campus gives students a much greater opportunity to adapt quickly. We believe that small group class gives students a much greater opportunity to participate, to ask questions, to have more practicals and to have teachers who get to actually know them.

InTech is fully accredited to provide Australian Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Graduate Certificates.

Our Vision

Behind each student, there is a goal, and we are here to equip them with the tools and the skills to earn it. Our vision is to provide an education of quality and of innovation, in line with universities while anticipating the work market needs.

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Our Team

All the InTech professors are highly qualified in their respective field of study and 75% of the academic professor also teach / work with Queensland universities, while InTech vocational teachers are recognized by the professions.

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Our Services

InTech offers a wide range of services to assist and to advise students for their study and presents different training facilities

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