Recognition of Prior Learning

Get an Australian qualification by using your knowledge, skills and experience.



Did you know that you might be able to reduce the study time it takes to get your qualification and you can save money?  You can now fast track your studies and bridge the gaps in your skill set through the RPL.

InTech offers you the chance to take all your experience and turn it into a nationally recognised Australian qualification.

What is a RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (or RPL for short)  is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning), life experience, work history, skills and knowledge are measured and matched against the units of competencies of a particular qualification. This experiential learning is highly valuable and deserves to be acknowledged  and can be converted to a nationally recognised Australian qualification.

Advantages of RPL:
  • Convert your skills and experience into a recognised Australian qualification
  • Convert your qualification from abroad into an Australian qualification
  • Enhance job opportunities
  • Meet industry requirements
  • Earn credit exemption which may reduce the time of study. All students must apply for credit prior to the start of the course.

RPL Process

Process and Evidence:

InTech supports the candidate step by step through the process. The candidates are requested to gather evidences confirming their competences and may undergo a series of assessments especially designed to assist them to display their competences.

Evidence may include:
  • Interview or professional conversation.
  • Observation and questioning including workplace visits.
  • Portfolio of work, which may include completed assessment items from previous study.
  • Assessment tasks or challenge test (oral, written or practical) where no training is involved trade test.
  • Third party authentication of evidence by supervisor or employer.
  • Samples of items produced.
  • Video and Photographic evidence
  • Transfer of study credit from certain overseas countries.

What is Gap Training?

If our assessor locates insufficient documentary evidence or identifies certain gaps in your skills/knowledge, you may be required complete additional gap training. Intech Institute may be able to assist you with training through the following learning modes:

  • Face-to-face training
  • Online training
  • Assistance in locating a suitable training organisation that can provide the relevant training.


Gap training may take significantly less time however,  this may differ on case to case basis.

Please note that if gap training is required and is provided by Intech Institute of Technology, additional fees and charges will apply in addition to the amount charged for the RPL pathway. For more information about gap training, please contact at the time of enquiry and enrolment.

Can I apply for an RPL?

RPL assessment is available for automotive, engineering fabrication, engineering mechanical trade, information technology courses. A minimum of 12 months of relevant work experience is required and the experience cited in your ‘evidence portfolio’ must be from the last five years.

Try an online self evaluation as a guide to which qualifications best suit your skills and experience before you start the formal RPL process.

For Australian and Non-Australia working professionals: If you have competencies and skills and have not completed an Australian apprenticeship or even obtained a formal Australian academic certificate, you can apply to have your skills assessed.

For Students: RPL provides students an opportunity to have their current skills and competencies assessed. These skills and competencies may relate to the units you are about to commence, often shortening the duration of a qualification. There is no repeated learning!

How much would it cost me?

There is a cost for RPL assessment. Cost vary depending on the qualification. Please contact the institute to discuss the process and fees.


InTech will offer a direct credit where the unit of competence is the same. InTech reserve the right to offer credit where the units are not identical. All student must apply for credit prior to the start of the course.

All applications for credit transfer must be in writing. The student has the right to access InTech complaints and appeal process if they are not satisfied with the credit transfer process

Credits awarded to International students:

The College is obliged, under section 32 of the ESOS Act (2000) to notify DIBP if an overseas student has been or will be granted credit towards the program offered by the College which leads to a shortening of the student’s program of study. The college is obliged to notify DIBP of the reduced program duration in the COE issued to an overseas student who has been awarded credit towards their intended program of study. The college is also obliged to notify DIBP of the change of program duration which may affect the student visa conditions.

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