University Pathway

There are many ways to achieve the university degree you are seeking for your career! And our University Pathway Program is one of them!

What is the University Pathway or Bridging Program?

Advantages of the University Pathway

University Pathway Courses

What is the University Pathway or Bridging Program?

Articulated Pathway to an Australian University

Take the first step towards university with the University Pathway Program, also known as a Bridging Program. InTech Institute of Technology will prepare you for direct entry into the second year of selected Australian universities or institutions.

Transfer your InTech vocational education and training (VET) college credits into a bachelor degree! Our university prep courses in business, management, Information Technology or engineering will grant ‘advanced standing’, giving you credits for a bachelor’s degree in corresponding fields. With our university entrance Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas in these fields you can fast-track your studies and get credits towards a related university degree. This could result in 1 and a half years off your undergraduate degree with an Australian university or institution. Attaining our Graduate Certificate enables you up to a 6 month reduction on your master’s degree (postgraduate degree) in a similar field.

Note: Gaining an undergraduate or postgraduate articulated pathway is subject to conditions of the universities entry and other requirements.

Contact us, if you would like more information or to discuss the best options for your future study intentions.


  • Getting prepared to succeed at university
  • Earning credits for subjects which count towards the bachelor degree
  • Saving the first year of university fees: InTech fees are cheaper than University’s
  • Starting your study in a small family-like campus to familiarize yourself with Australian academic requirements and expectations
  • IELTS entry requirements to enroll at InTech is 5.0 whereas for university it is 6.0
  • Students do not need an IELTS for university entry when they have an InTech qualification!
  • Get into university without qualifications

University is a huge step and taking a direct route into higher education can be extremely challenging.

InTech Institute of Technology’s University Pathway Program is designed so that students have foresight and the utmost opportunity to succeed at university. Students who have completed InTech courses find that they are better equipped with the skills to successfully complete the university study and save on university fees.

This program benefits students currently enrolled at university and are having trouble completing their study. Students can enroll at InTech to acquire their incomplete or failed university subjects. Although this may be a helpful substitute, it would be much faster and cheaper to initially complete an InTech University Pathway qualification and then enroll for a Bachelor degree. This will fully prepare you for university and shorten the time taken to complete your degree.

Please note: The credits are subject to conditions of the university’s entry and other requirements.

InTech partners with: Griffith University – QUT – UQ – CQU

Check Griffith University Credit Transfer and Articulation

University Pathway Courses

The InTech University Pathway Program is for Business, Engineering and IT students enrolled in Diploma or Advanced Diploma courses. Even certificate 4 students can qualify for university entrance or continue into our university entrance diploma qualifications.

Business Studies

A completed InTech Diploma of Leadership and Management, Business Administration or Automotive Management can receive up to 8 subject-credits at university.

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management or Advanced Diploma of Business can receive up to 12 subject-credits at university.

These diplomas can contribute towards credits at Griffith University or the University of Southern Queensland. The same arrangement may be possible with QUT, Southern Cross University and CQU.

Information Technology (IT)

Students completing InTech’s Diploma of IT could receive up to 8 subject-credits at Griffith University and the University of Southern Queensland. The same arrangement may be possible with other universities.

InTech intensive study of IT (Diploma + Advanced Diploma) has been evaluated to equal up to 12 university subject-credits with local universities such as University of Southern Queensland and Griffith University. Other universities may also endorse the same arrangement.


Students wanting to study Engineering at university will receive advanced standing after completing an InTech Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Engineering. InTech’s engineering qualifications is a great way to prepare students in a hands on environment, getting real-world industry experience and using state of the art technologies and facilities.

For a route into higher education study a university entrance qualification – turn your diploma or advanced diploma into credits needed for a bachelors degree.